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What Is Sharon's Disengagement Plan?

General Reference (not clearly pro or con)
Sharon Otterman, MA, former Associate Director of (Council on Foreign Relations website), in a Mar. 1, 2004 Question and Answer titled "Middle East: The Disengagement Plan," wrote:

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says Israel may move on its own to evacuate most of the Jewish settlements in Gaza and some in the West Bank while simultaneously strengthening its hold on other West Bank settlements. This move toward disengagement, implemented along with the construction of Israel’s so-called security barrier, would hasten the separation of Palestinians and Israelis outside the context of a negotiated agreement... In a December 18 [2003] speech in Herzliya, Israel, Sharon gave the basic outlines of the plan."

Mar. 1, 2004 - Sharon Otterman, MA 

Daniel Sobelman, a former Ha'aretz Arab affairs and Middle East correspondent, in an article posted on the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Foundation website titled "Sharon's Disengagement Plan – First or Final Step?" (accessed May 11, 2005) wrote:

"At the beginning of 2004, nearly three and a half years into the current violent confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon formally declared that he was presenting, and would lead, a unilateral plan of disengagement from the entire Gaza Strip and from some settlements in the northern West Bank...

The disengagement plan continues to be shrouded in some ongoing vagueness. The exact time table for the withdrawal remains unclear, with Sharon revealing – even to his own ministers – only 'one card' at a time... The government of Israel voted in favor of the current [2004] 'revised' disengagement plan in principal on June 6, while...asserting that by so doing it does not yet empower the government to actually relocate settlements.

At the end of August Sharon outlined the tentative time table for his plan. The prime minister has pledged to bring the [settler] compensation bill for formal authorization by the cabinet by October 24. The Knesset will vote on the bill by November 3. Sharon did not designate the exact schedule for the physical evacuation of the settlements, although he has mentioned the end of 2005 as the final implementation date."

May 11, 2005 - Daniel Sobelman