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Which International Resolutions Support the Establishment of a Palestinian State?

General Reference (not clearly pro or con)
UN Security Council Resolution 1397, adopted on Mar. 12, 2002, contained the following:

"The Security Council...
Affirming a vision of a region where two States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side within secure and recognized borders..."

Mar. 12, 2002 - UN Resolution 1397 (11 KB)  

UN General Assembly Resolution 54/152 on "The Right of the Palestinian People to Self-Determination," adopted on Dec. 17, 1999, contained the following:

"The General Assembly...
Reaffirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the option of a state"

Dec. 17, 1999 - UN Resolution 54/152 (11 KB)  

UN General Assembly Resolution 43/177, adopted on Dec. 15, 1988, stated that the General Assembly:

"Acknowledges the proclamation of the State of Palestine by the Palestine national Council on 15 November 1988."

Dec. 15, 1988 - UN Resolution 43/177 (13 KB)  

UN General Assembly Resolution 181, adopted on Nov. 29, 1947, stated:

"Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem, set forth in part III of this plan, shall come into existence in Palestine two months after the evacuation of the armed forces of the mandatory Power has been completed but in any case not later than 1 October 1948."

Nov. 29, 1947 - UN Resolution 181 (II) (41 KB)