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Ze'ev Jabotinsky, JD Biography

Founder and leader of the New Zionist Organization
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Founder and leader of the New Zionist Organization
  • Resided in Palestine and edited the Hebrew daily Doar Hayom, 1928-1929
  • Established the Union of Zionists­Revisionists (Hatzohar), 1925
  • Created and headed the youth movement Betar (Brith Joseph Trumpeldor), 1923
  • Joined the Zionist Executive and was one of the founders of “Keren Hayesod” (United Israel Appeal), 1921
  • During Passover, he stood at the head of the Haganah (Jewish defense forces) in Jerusalem against Arab riots, 1920
  • World War I – Served as a Lieutenant in the British Jewish Legion and participated in the assault of the Jordan River crossings and the conquest of E­salt in the campaign to free Eretz Israel (Palestine) from Turkish rule
  • Worked for the establishment of the Jewish Legion
  • Served as a correspondent for several well-known Russian newspapers
  • Active in spreading the Hebrew language and culture throughout Russia, and the establishment of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • Elected as a delegate to the 6th Zionist Congress
  • Organized self-defense units and fought for Jewish minority rights in Russia
  • The pogrom against the Jews of Kishinev spurred Jabotinsky to undertake Zionist activity, 1903
  • Law degree, University of Rome
  • Jewish Legion
  • Union of Zionists­Revisionists (Hatzohar)
  • Keren Hayesod
  • Irgun Tzvai Leumi (I.Z.L)
  • Betar
  • The New Zionist Organization
  • Fluent in many languages, he translated into Hebrew some of the best-known classics of world literature
  • Also known as Vladimir Jabotinsky
  • Born in 1880, died in 1940