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Yasser Arafat Biography

Former President of the Palestinian Authority (PA)
Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“We should… put a final end to all causes of aggression, killing, and suffering. This will happen only when Israel is forced to submit to international legitimacy, implement the signed agreements, stop aggression, open the international border posts, lift the siege on our cities and people, and withdraw from all the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, including the Syrian territories and the last Lebanese territory in Shab’a.

Israel should lift the siege on our cities and people and withdraw from all the Palestinian and Arab territories, including holy Jerusalem, the capital of our independent Palestinian state. It should also solve the issue of refugees justly on the basis of Resolution 194 and the other international resolutions…

I reiterate that our goals are the liberation of our land, the establishment of our independent state on the blessed land of Palestine with holy Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of refugees based on international legitimacy resolution, especially Resolutions 181 and 194.”

Speech at the Arab Summit, Oct. 21, 2000

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President of the Palestinian Authority, 1996-2004
  • Returns to Gaza, 1994
  • 1994 Nobel Peace Prize
  • Establishes headquarters in Tunisia, 1983-1994
  • Expelled from Lebanon by the Israeli Defense Forces, 1982
  • Delivers “Olive-Branch” speech before the United Nations, 1974
  • Establishes headquarters in Lebanon, 1971-1982
  • Expelled from Jordan by King Hussein, 1970
  • Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), 1969-2004
  • Founder of Fatah, 1956
  • Attended Cairo University, 1956
  • Born: 1929
  • Died: 2004