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Tony Blair Biography

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (U.K.)
Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“When I was with President Bush at the White House last November, we set out the 5 steps towards a just and peaceful and lasting solution.

The first of those was obviously the successful elections of the Palestinian Authority that has happened. The second was to make sure that that took place within the context of an overall vision where everyone understands the end point is the two state solution that President Bush set out himself and all of us have endorsed. The fourth element was the disengagement process going forward and the fifth element was then going back into the Road Map, reinvigorating that so that the conferences necessary to produce a lasting settlement could be undertaken.

And we are here at the third step that we set out – which is how do we help and support the Palestinian Authority in their desire to make sure that in the fields of government, security, their economy they can indeed establish that viable Palestinian state.”

“London Meeting 2005 – Supporting the Palestinian Authority,” Mar. 1, 2005

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Appointed as a Middle East envoy on behalf of the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia (the Quartet), 2007
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (U.K.), 1997-2007
  • Leader of the Labour Party, U.K., 1994-2007
  • Member of Parliament for the constituency of Sedgefield, 1983-2007
  • Elected to Shadow Home Secretary, 1992
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Energy, Shadow Cabinet, 1988
  • Promoted to the shadow Treasury front bench, 1984
  • Law Degree, St. John’s College, Oxford, 1975
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