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Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute Biography

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“The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute, or Ma’had Abhath As-Syasat Al-Iqtisadiya Al-Filastini (MAS), is an autonomous non-profit establishment based in Ramallah. The institute is dedicated to producing sound, innovative policy research aimed at fostering economic and social development in Palestine.

Founded in June 1994, MAS began operating at its East Jerusalem-based headquarters. However, restrictions on access to Jerusalem as well as other constraints imposed by Israeli authorities forced MAS to relocate to… Ramallah in 1996.”

“Background & Mission Statement,” (accessed May 14, 2015)


“The mission of the institute is to aid and support private and public institutions, as well as individual policymakers, working in the field of economic development by providing the knowledge and tool they might need to carry out their objectives, and to encourage public involvement in the formulation of economic and social policies.”

“Background & Mission Statement,” (accessed May 14, 2015)

501(c)(3) nonprofit
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