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Nuri Said Biography

Former Prime Minister of Iraq
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • First appointed Prime Minister of Iraq in 1930
  • “Nuri, who was to dominate Iraq until the fall of the monarchy in 1958, was an archetype of the Arab leader in the late colonial era. A traditionalist, he was pro-Western for strictly realistic reasons, but sincerely patriotic…He was disturbed by the rise of Jewish power in Palestine and, after 1948, became an active opponent of Zionism, while fearing the effects that militant anti-Zionism would have on stable Arab societies.” – John Keegan, The Iraq War, Vintage Books, 2005
  • Took part in the 1916 Arab Revolt
  • The Hashemites
  • Istanbul Military Academy
  • Born: 1888
  • Deceased: 1958