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Naval Historical Center Biography

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“The Naval Historical Center is the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Its lineage dates back to 1800 with the founding of the Navy Department Library by President John Adams. The Center now includes a museum, art gallery, research library, archives, and curator as well as research and writing programs.”

“About us,” The U.S. Naval Historical Center website (accessed on July, 19, 2006)


“To enhance the Navy’s effectiveness by preserving, analyzing and interpreting its hard-earned experience and history for the Navy and the American people.”

“About us,” The U.S. Naval Historical Center website (accessed on July, 19, 2006)

The Center is organized into branches according to specialized subject areas: The Navy Museum, Navy Department Library, Operational Archives, Curator Branch and Photographic Section, Navy Art Collection, Ships History Branch, Naval Aviation History, Naval Aviation News magazine, Early History, Contemporary History, Underwater Archaeology Branch, and the Naval Historical Center Detachment Boston which plans and performs all maintenance, repair and restoration of USS Constitution as close to its 1812 configuration as possible