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Manouchehr Mottaki, MA Biography

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“We do not have the right to make decisions on behalf of the Palestinians.”

Emma Thomasson, “Mideast Turns Blair’s Hair Grey – Iran Minister,”, Jan. 29, 2009

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2005-2010
  • Deputy of Islamic Consultative Assembly, National Security, Commission of Majlis, 2004-2005
  • Deputy Chief of Organization of Culture and Islamic Relations, 2001
  • Advisor to Foreign Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1999
  • Ambassador to Japan, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1994
  • Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular and Parliamentary Affairs, 1992
  • Deputy Foreign Minister for International Affairs, 1989
  • Director General, West Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1989
  • Ambassador to Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1985
  • Head of Seventh Political Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1984
  • Representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Foreign Policy, Commission of Majlis, 1980
  • MA, International Relations, Tehran University, 1991
  • BA, Social Sciences, Bangalore University (India) 1976
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