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Leon Pinsker, MD Biography

Physician, Chairman of the Hovevei Zion ("Lovers of Zion" Russian Jewish Socialist-Zionist Movement)
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Physician
  • Chairman of the Hovevei Zion
  • Prominent Zionist activist from the city of Odessa (Ukraine), who traveled throughout Russia and Europe seeking to convince Jews of the importance of Zionism and the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine, while also keeping open the possibility of creating a state in other geographic locations, such as Argentina
  • Studied law at the University of Odessa (one of the first Jews to study at the University)
  • MD, University of Moscow
  • Born in Tomaszow, Poland, 1821
  • Died in Odessa, 1891
  • Authored the pamphlet Autoemancipation: A Warning of a Russian Jew to His Brethren (1882)
  • Also known as Yehuda Leib
Quoted in:
  1. Should a Jewish Homeland Have Been Created Somewhere Other Than the Middle East?