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League of Nations Biography

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“The League of Nations was an international organization created after the First World War. The Covenant establishing the League was part of the Treaty of Versailles… The League of Nations was an association of states which had pledged themselves, through signing the Covenant not to go to war before submitting their disputes with each other, or states not members of the League, to arbitration or enquiry.

The League of Nations formally came into existence on January 10, 1920. The two official languages of the League were English and French. The headquarters of the League was Geneva, Switzerland. The organization of the League of Nations included the Council, the Assembly and the Secretariat. Autonomous but closely connected to the League of Nations were the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Labour Organization. The League also established subsidiary bodies to promote co-operation on economic, social, health, and intellectual matters.”


“To promote international co-operation and to achieve international peace and security”

International Orgainzation
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