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Kathleen Christison Biography

Freelance Writer and Former CIA Analyst
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“He [Abbas] must maintain the demand that Israel withdraw from the occupied territories; this is the heart of the issue, whatever border adjustments might be negotiated at a later stage. He must also refuse to allow the Palestinians to be diddled, as they have been for the last decade-plus, with a further succession of inconclusive partial and provisional agreements (the heart of Oslo was a series of interim agreements that permitted endless Israeli delay, and the heart of the Roadmap is establishment of a so-called provisional Palestinian state that by definition would be meaningless and that any leader would be a fool to accept). Finally, no self-respecting leader could possibly renounce his nation’s right ever to resume armed struggle in the face of continued oppression by a foreign army.”

“The Trouble with Optimism,” CounterPunch, Jan. 3, 2005

“The quote you use to list me as a supporter of a two-state solution is too simplistic to represent my true views, which are much more nuanced. I don’t object to a two-state solution in principle, but in practice I no longer think any solution that would bring justice for the Palestinians is possible because Israel, with US support, has absorbed so much of the West Bank. I find your approach of using brief quotes from various people to lay out the extremely complex positions in this conflict to be rather troublesome--for instance, your categorization puts me and George Bush in the same category as supporters of the two-state solution, which for anyone who understands the conflict is an absurdity. Bush is not a true supporter of any just solution for the Palestinians, and I am about as diametrically opposed to his viewpoint and positions as is possible.”

Email to, Aug. 21, 2005

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  • Freelance Writer on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, 1979-present
  • CIA Analyst, 1963-1979
  • BA, Duquesne University, English Literature, 1964
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