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Joe Walsh, MPP Biography

Former US Representative (R-IL)
Con to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“It has been 64 years since the United Nations General Assembly approved the Partition Plan for Palestine and the struggle to implement a ‘two-state solution’ began. Today, we are no closer to that end. That reminds me of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By that definition, everyone who continues to cling to the delusion of a two-state solution is insane. There is no such thing as a two-state solution. It cannot work, it has not worked, and it will not work…

The two-state solution can never work when one of the domains, the Palestinian state, does not even acknowledge the other state’s (Israel‘s) right to exist and has as its entire purpose in life wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Never will peace come when one side possesses such hate and routinely expresses that hate through violence and blood. It is time to let go of the two-state-solution insanity…”

“Myth of a Two-State Solution,” Washington Times, May 3, 2012

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • US Representative (R-IL), Jan. 2011 – Jan. 2013
  • Chairman, Small Business Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access, 2011-present
  • Vice Chair, Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, 2011-present
  • Former Teacher, Oakton Community College, Jobs For Youth, and Hebrew Theological College
  • Former Fundraiser, American Education Reform Council and, Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation, Fabretto Children’s Foundation, and Ravenswood Advisors
  • Former Founder, Legislative Education Action Drive, Americans for Limited Government, and Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
  • Former Consultant, United Republican Fund
  • MPP, University of Chicago, 1991
  • BA, University of Iowa, 1985
  • Lost the 1996 House of Representatives election in Illinois’ 9th District
  • Lost the 1998 Illinois State House of Representatives election in the 58th District
  • In 2010, he had a negative net worth of $317,498 according to the Center for Responsive Politics