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Israel Water Authority Biography

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“The Water Authority, the government’s executive branch in charge of Israel’s water economy, is in responsible for the administration, operation and development of the Israeli water economy, including the preservation and restoration of natural water resources, the development new water resources and the oversight of water consumers and producers, so as to allow high quality water and sewage services of optimal reliability, while increasing the sustainable welfare of Israeli citizens.”

“Israel’s Water Economy,” (accessed Aug. 24, 2015)


“Main Goals and Objectives:
– Water supply quantity, reliability and maximum efficiency.
– Management and development of water and sewage professionally and efficiently, while implementing the existing development policy, minimizing costs and support the national objectives of the State of Israel.
– The water sector regulation and supervision of suppliers and consumers of water through financial and administrative tools, while increasing awareness of the service.
– Conservation and restoration of natural water resources of the country are a strategic resource.”

“About,” (accessed Aug. 24, 2015)

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