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Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) Biography

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“The Israel Democracy Institute is an independent non-partisan research institute. It was founded in 1991 as a center for policy studies, straddling the spheres of politics and academia, the world of decision-makers and the world of thinkers in Israel. The Institute serves as an address for politicians and government officials who are searching for independent, professional partners to examine various ideas and propose practical ways to implement them. The Institute is careful to maintain its independent, non-partisan status, and for this reason enjoys the trust and esteem of all sides of the political spectrum in Israel.

The Institute assists the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] and its committees, government ministries and institutions, local authorities and political parties, by submitting research papers and proposals for changes and reforms in their modes of operation. In addition, the Israel Democracy Institute fulfills its mission by compiling comparative information on legislative topics and on ways of functioning in various democratic regimes. Moreover, it aspires to enrich the public discourse and encourage new ways of thinking by initiating discussions regarding issues on the political, social and economic agendas, with the participation of legislators, people in executive positions and academics, as well as by publishing its research papers.”

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“The Israel Democracy Institute was established with the purpose of assisting in this massive task of strengthening Israel’s democratic institutions and shaping its values, which are still in a formative stage…

The main goals of the Institute are:

* To promote structural, political and economic reforms
* To be a source of information and comparative research for the Knesset and government authorities
* To serve as an advisory body for decision-makers and the general public
* To promote public discourse about issues on the national agenda.”

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