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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Biography

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“The IDF, founded in 1948, ranks among the most battle-tested armed forces in the world… To ensure its success, the IDF’s doctrine at the strategic level is defensive, while its tactics are offensive… In preparing for defense, the IDF deploys a small standing army (made up of conscripts and career personnel) with early warning capability, and a regular air force and navy. The majority of its forces is reservists… The IDF’s three service branches (ground forces, air force, and navy) function under a unified command, headed by the Chief of the General Staff, with the rank of lieutenant-general, who is responsible to the minister of defense.”

“The State: Israel Defense Forces (IDF),” (accessed Aug. 7, 2015)


“To defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Israel. To protect the inhabitants of Israel and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten the daily life.”

“Doctrine: IDF Mission,” (accessed Aug. 7, 2015)

Military forces of the State of Israel
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