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Ismar Schorsch, PhD Biography

Chancellor Emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chancellor Emeritus of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS)
  • Rabbi Herman Abramovitz Professor of Jewish History, JTS
  • Throughout his tenure, Dr. Schorsch pursued the advancement of Conservative Judaism and religious equality for Jews in Israel
  • Invited by President Clinton to serve with the official presidential delegation witnessing the peace treaty signing between Jordan and Israel in Oct. 1994
  • Received an honorary degree from Tufts University, 2000
  • The Russian State University awarded him an honorary degree in recognition of Project Judaica — the first time in that country’s history that such an honor was given to a Jewish scholar, 1998
  • The National Foundation for Jewish Culture honored him with a Jewish Cultural Achievement Award in Historical Studies
  • PhD, Jewish History, Columbia University, 1969
  • MA, Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University
  • Ordained Rabbi, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1962
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Quoted in:
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