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International Commission of Jurists Biography

None Found to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

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“The ICJ is a family of international and national jurists, using its legal expertise to protect and promote human rights. All have made a particular contribution to the advancment of human rights, in their home countries, internationally or both. Commissioners, through an Executive Committee, set the organisational policy, which is implemented by the International Secretariat based in Geneva.

The International Secretariat, led by the Secretary-General, works on implementing the thematic and regional programmes through its legal advisors, supported by financial management, human resources, and other general services.

For over five decades, the ICJ has played a seminal role in establishing international human rights standards and working towards their implementation. Through pioneering activities, including
commissions of inquiry, trial observations, fact-finding missions, public denunciations and quiet diplomacy, the ICJ has been a powerful advocate for justice.

Our principal partners are our National Sections and Affiliated Organisations around the world. These organisations operate autonomously but often work in collaboration on particular activities such as workshops and trial observations. The ICJ also works closely with governments and other
non-governmental organisations.”

“International Commission of Jurists Annual Report 2009: Protecting Human Rights and Advancing the Rule of Law,”, 2009


“Our vision is one in which all individuals are equal before the law and protected from human rights violations by the law and in practice; in which those in power are held accountable and brought to justice if they violate human rights; where victims have access to justice and to remedies; and
where those who come before the courts receive a fair trial and never face the death penalty.

The ICJ’s vision requires judges, lawyers and prosecutors to be truly independent, forward-looking and courageous, and free to carry out their professional duties. It demands that international law, especially human rights and humanitarian law, should be implemented through effective national
and international procedures.

The ICJ Network of judges and lawyers are united in the belief that international law and the rule of law are powerful instruments to ensure the enjoyment of human rights for all. The ‘rule of law’
conceptualizes that the law is just (i.e. in accordance with human rights norms) preventing the arbitrary exercise of power. The ‘rule of law’ also implies that States must develop effective executive, judicial and legislative institutions as checks and balances, to respect, protect and fulfil human rights, and to hold States accountable when they violate these rights.”

“International Commission of Jurists Annual Report 2009: Protecting Human Rights and Advancing the Rule of Law,”, 2009

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