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Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“We are gravely concerned that a one-state ‘solution’ would both mean the end of Israel as a sovereign Jewish state and create the circumstances for a human rights catastrophe. Despite claims to the contrary, the creation of a binational state would be both radical and antithetical to genuine peace.

The one-state idea marks a departure from the well-established premise of ‘two states for two peoples,’ a solution supported by a strong majority of both Israelis and Palestinians. Support for a binational state ignores the undeniable fact that Israeli and Palestinian societies are drastically different in terms of economic development, political orientation, and cultural identity—a situation which would not change with the removal of a political border. Given the two sides’ history of mutual hostility and resentment, the creation of a single state will likely lead to violent ethnic conflict, a result desired by none but the most radical elements in the region. As a result, a majority of experts across the political spectrum agree that despite difficulties in reaching an agreement, a two-state solution is far preferable to a one-state non-solution.”

“A Destructive ‘Solution,'”, Mar. 15, 2012


“Hasbara Fellowships in Israel is the largest, most in-depth training program that exists. Bringing hundreds of pre-qualified leaders every year, the Israel experience is an integral component of the training process: It generates crucial motivation, and it creates the environment where students are willing to devote over 150 intensive hours to instruction…

Our students and staff have one focus only: deliver Israel’s message. With hundreds of campuses and hundreds of thousands of students to be reached, it is a monumental job that requires the full-time, undivided attention of a national organization.”

“Overview,” (accessed Oct. 13, 2015)


“Hasbara Fellowships is a leading pro-Israel campus activism organization working with over 80 Universities across North America. Hasbara Fellowships, a program spearheaded by Aish International since 2001, brings hundreds of students to Israel every summer and winter, giving them the information and tools to return to their campuses as educators about Israel. So far, Hasbara Fellowships has educated over 3,000 students on over 250 campuses. Upon returning from the program, the Hasbara Fellows receive support from our staff, as well as access to various campaigns, programs, speakers and other materials and tools. Hasbara Fellowships focuses on college campuses, but the information and tools offered are applicable for other forums as well. Hasbara Fellowships is an independent, private non-profit organization that receives its funding from private donors and foundations. Hasbara Fellowships does not receive any funding from any US government or foreign government sources.”

“Mission,” (accessed Oct. 13, 2015)

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  1. Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?