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Harry N. Howard Biography

U.S. Foreign Service Officer
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • U.S. Foreign Service Officer
  • U.N. Adviser, Bureau of Near Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs, 1949-1956
  • Member, U.S. delegation, U.N. Security Council Commission for Investigation of Greek Frontier Incidents and U.N. Special Committee on the Balkans, 1947-1951
  • Adviser, Division of Greek, Turkish and Iranian Affairs, 1947-1949
  • Member of U.S. Interrogation Mission, Wiesbaden, Germany, Aug.-Nov., 1945
  • Chief, Near East Branch, Division of Research for Near East and Africa, 1945-1947
  • Member of U.S. delegation to the United Nations Conference on International Organization, Apr. 1945
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  • Born: 1902
  • Deceased: 1987