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Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), United Kingdom Biography

Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“The Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary are committed, along with international partners, to achieving the vision of a two-state solution: a democratic, viable and peaceful Palestinian state, alongside a secure Israel. For the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary, the Middle East Peace Process is a key foreign policy priority.”

UK and the Middle East Peace Process, Countries and Regions, FCO website (accessed Aug. 2005)


“The role of the FCO is to co-ordinate and pursue UK policies abroad. We give expert advice and support to the whole of Government in order to strengthen UK influence and bring about international actions that advance UK interests.”

“The Role of the FCO: Strategy,” FCO website (accessed Aug. 22, 2005)


“In its agreed objectives for 2003-061, the FCO has four specific policy responsibilities: promoting the security of the UK within a safer, more peaceful world; improving prosperity in the UK and worldwide through effective economic and political governance globally; promoting a strong role for the UK in a strong Europe responsive to people’s needs; and making sure that UK Overseas Territories are secure and well governed.

We share responsibility with the Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development for preventing conflict; with the Home Office for regulating entry into the UK; and with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department for International Development for reducing trade barriers.”

“The Role of the FCO: Strategy,” FCO website (accessed Aug. 22, 2005)

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