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Con to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“In order to dispose, once and for all, of the exclusive claims of Jews and Arabs to Palestine, we regard it as essential that a clear statement of the following principles should be made:

(I) That Jew shall not dominate Arab and Arab shall not dominate Jew in Palestine. (II) That Palestine shall be neither a Jewish state nor an Arab state. (III) That the form of government ultimately to be established, shall, under international guarantees, fully protect and preserve the interests in the Holy Land of Christendom and of the Moslem and Jewish faiths.

Thus Palestine must ultimately become a state which guards the rights and interests of Moslems, Jews and Christians alike and accords to the inhabitants, as a whole, the fullest measure of self government consistent with the three paramount principles set forth above…

We have reached the conclusion that the hostility between Jews and Arabs and, in particular, the determination of each to achieve domination, if necessary by violence, make it almost certain that, now and for some time to come, any attempt to establish either an independent Palestinian state or independent Palestinian states would result in civil strife such as might threaten the peace of the world. We therefore recommend that, until this hostility disappears, the Government of Palestine be continued as at present under mandate pending the execution of a trusteeship agreement under the United Nations.”

“Recommendations and Comments,” Palestine: A Study of Jewish, Arab, and British Policies, 1947


“In 1942 the Esco Palestine Study was launched… This book is based on the work of a group of scholars and specialists who either contributed monographs on various phases of the Palestine problem or otherwise assisted in the preparation of the Study. Most of the material was correlated and rewritten by the Director of the Esco Palestine Study, with the exception of specific sections in the book accredited to contributors. The separate contributors assume no responsibility for statements made in the book. The contributing scholars and their contributions are listed below:

* William Foxwell Albright, PhD, Director of Oriental Research, Johns Hopkins University
* Dr. W. W. Spence Professor of Semitic Languages, Johns Hopkins University
* Elizabeth Strauss Bing, PhD, Political Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland
* Joel Carmichael, BA
* Ezra Chaikes, PhD, Marquette University, Wisconsin”

“Recommendations and Comments,” Palestine: A Study of Jewish, Arab, and British Policies, 1947


“The founders and sponsors of the Esco Foundation for Palestine, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cohen, realizing the importance of having objective, factual and comprehensive material on the subject of Palestine in readily available form, undertook to make this study possible.”

“Recommendations and Comments,” Palestine: A Study of Jewish, Arab, and British Policies, 1947

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