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“The Encyclopaedia of the Orient is a one-stop online resource which covers all countries and cultures between Mauritania in the west and Iran in the east, Turkey in the north and Sudan in the south. It is exactly what the name indicates, an encyclopaedia…

The Encyclopaedia contains original material. What you read here is written for this publication, only. The content is updated on a weekly basis, and as long as the world does not change too quickly for our small staff, you will always find the freshest information here.”

Encyclopedia of the Orient website, “What is this?,”
(accessed May 25, 2007)


“In Encyclopaedia of the Orient we try to present all aspects of one of the world’s most interesting regions. And as one of far too few websites, we present all nations and religions in one place and aim to do justice to all of them. It’s clearly a difficult task, since we from time to time also have to rely upon sources that are not unbiased. But fortunately, with our large (and increasing) audience, we get corrected quickly if we make errors.

This is the way we intend to continue building what we aim at becoming the world’s superior collection of information on North Africa and the Middle East.”

Encyclopedia of the Orient website, “What is this?,”
(accessed May 25, 2007)

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