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Chaim Herzog Biography

Former President of Israel
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Elected and served as President of Israel, 1983-1993
  • Elected to Israeli Knesset as a member of the Alignment party, Member, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee; Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, 1981 – 1983
  • Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, 1975-1978
  • Military Governor of Judea and Samaria (West Bank), June, 1967
  • During Six Day War and Yom Kippur War was military analyst for Israeli radio and television
  • General Manager of G.A.S. Industries, 1962-1972
  • Head of Military Intelligence, and retired from the army with the rank of major-general, 1959-1962
  • Head of Southern Command Staff, 1957-1959
  • Commanded Jerusalem Brigade, 1954-1957
  • IDF Attaché in United States and Canada, 1950-1954
  • Head of Department of Intelligence of Military Intelligence, 1948-1950
  • Joined IDF and was operations officer of 7th Brigade in Battle of Latrun, 1948
  • Demobilized from British Army with rank of Colonel, 1946
  • Served in British Army in WWII; participated in Normandy invasion and served in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany
  • Active in Hagana, 1936
  • University of London and Cambridge, certified as a lawyer
  • Law School of the Government of Mandatory Palestine
  • Graduate of Royal Military College
  • Hebron Yeshiva in Jerusalem
  • High School at Wesley College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Born in Belfast, Ireland
  • Son of notable Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, who was Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1919 to 1937 (and later, of Palestine and Israel)
  • 1935 – Emigrated from Ireland to British Mandate Palestine
  • Died – Apr. 17, 1997