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Boris Shusteff, MA Biography

Research Associate at the Freeman Center
Con to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“It is especially disturbing that the idea of establishing a Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank and Gaza is promoted by countless well-meaning people, who have the best intentions, but no understanding of the consequences the establishment of such a state will have. It will be the repetition of the famous legend of the Golem… The Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza will become just such a Golem from which all the well-meaning people will recoil in horror, when they realize what they have created.

However, the inevitable disaster can be prevented. It is not necessary to condemn the Palestinian Arabs to a life in an extermination camp of the surrogate state in the West Bank and Gaza. There exists only one alternative… it isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel… There is a Palestinian Arab state called Jordan, which can accept many of those destined to perish, if they end up being herded into an artificial reservation in the West Bank and Gaza. Freed from political correctness any unbiased observer will admit that Jordan is destined to become ‘Palestine’…

In one easy move, by taking the course of resettling the Palestinian Arabs in Jordan, the world community has a unique opportunity to save the lives of millions of these destitute people, resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, and help Jordan economy to overcome a looming economic disaster.”

“Do Not Condemn Them (Why the ‘Palestinian State’ is Bad for the Arabs),” Freeman Center, Mar. 2004

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  • Research Associate, Freeman Center
  • MA, Electrical Engineering, Byelorussian Polytechnical Institute
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