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Bashar Al-Assad Biography

President of the Syrian Arab Republic
Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“It [peace] is a goal. It is like talking about Resolution 242; it has been there for forty two years and it is still viable. So, it is the same for a two-state solution… So far, everybody in the world supports a Palestinian state; so why not go in that direction? Of course, that is normal. I do not think there is a problem about it. The problem is with the Israelis, not the Palestinians, in accepting a two-state solution.”

“National 2 – Comprehensive Peace: From His Excellency’s Interview with the Austrian Der Standard, (April, 18, 2009),” (accessed Sep. 16, 2015)

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President of Syria, July 10, 2000-present
  • Secretary General of the Baath Party
  • Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
  • After his brother’s death, takes his brother’s position as commander of the Syrian army’s armored division, 1994
  • Joins the military academy in Homs, Syria, and attains the rank of colonel in the Syrian Army, 1994-1999
  • Son of former Syrian President, Hafiz Al Assad
  • Studied ophthalmology at the Tishrin military hospital, Damascus, 1988-1992
  • Continues study as ophthalmologist in London
  • Born in Damascus, Syria, on 11 September 1965.
  • He became the defacto heir to the Presidency after his brother Bassel’s accidental death in 1994, in an auto accident
  • He is currently the President and Chairman of the Syrian Computer Society