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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Biography

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“On July 1, 1932 the Federal Government established the Australian Broadcasting Commission to run 12 existing radio stations. These were 2FC and 2BL (Sydney), 3AR and 3LO (Melbourne), 4QG (Brisbane), 5CL (Adelaide), 6WF (Perth), 7ZL (Hobart), 2NC (Newcastle), 2CO (Corowa), 4RK (Rockhampton) and 5CK (Crystal Brook). In 1956 ABC Television began transmission with the first broadcast from Sydney on 5 November and Melbourne a week later. In 1983 the Australian Broadcasting Act established the ABC as a corporation. The ABC went online with its website in 1995 covering six content areas.

ABC TV is Australia’s only national, commercial-free public television broadcaster. Under its charter, the broadcaster caters for the diverse interests and tastes of all Australians.”

“All about the ABC – Brochure,” ABC website (accessed Dec. 26, 2007)