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Ali Kazak Biography

Managing Director of Southern Link International
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Managing Director, Southern Link International, unknown-present
  • Ambassador-designate to Papua New Guinea, 1980-2006
  • Founder, South Australia Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, 2003
  • Founder, Victorian Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, 2002
  • Founder, New Zealand Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, 1999
  • Founder, Australian Federal Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, 1999
  • Founder, NSW State Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, 1998
  • Publisher, Editor, Background Briefing, 1987-1993
  • Founder, Publisher, and Co-Editor, Australia Free Palestine newspaper, 1979-1990
  • Founder, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, 1981
  • Member, Palestine Liberation Organization, 1968
  • Senior Diplomat and Founder, General Palestinian Delegation to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region, 1981-unknown
  • Ambassador of Palestine to Vanuatu and East Timor, dates unknown
  • College of Commerce, Damascus University, degree and dates unknown
  • Awarded the 20th Anniversary of Independence Medal by the President of Vanuatu, Jul. 20, 2000