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Ahmed Maher Biography

Former Egyptian Foreign Minister
Pro to the question "Is a Two-State Solution (Israel and Palestine) an Acceptable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

“The Palestinians and the Israelis need peace and the roadmap provides them the opportunity to do that.”

“Remarks [of Secretary Colin L. Powell] with Foreign Minister of Egypt Ahmed Maher,” Cairo, Egypt, May 12, 2003

Theoretical Expertise Ranking:
Individuals with PhDs or equivalent advanced degrees in fields relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Also top-level government officials (such as foreign leaders, US presidents, Founding Fathers, Supreme Court Justices, members of legislative bodies, cabinet members, military leaders, etc.) with positions relevant to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2001-2004
  • Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States of America, 1992-1999
  • Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Soviet Union, 1988-1992
  • Served as an adviser to the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and was a member of his team that negotiated the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel, 1978-1979
  • Order of the Republic Fourth Class (Egypt)
  • Order of the Republic Third Class (Egypt)
  • Order of the Republic Second Class (Egypt)
  • Order of the Republic First Class (Egypt)
  • Order of Merit Commander Class (France)
  • Order of the Great Cross (Portugal)
  • LLB, Law, Cairo University, 1956
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